The wedding so far…

Since getting engaged on New Year’s Day, I haven’t actually written about any of our wedding plans. I showed off about all the cards and flowers and cupcakes and champagne back in January (I highly recommend getting engaged) but since then I haven’t succumbed to joining Pinterest or blogging every teeny tiny detail of our ‘wedmin’ prep.

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That being said, a fair bit has been organised. Our venue was booked within weeks, the invites have gone out and my dress has been ordered. It’s possibly the best dress ever. I want to be typing this whilst wearing it, rather than the gym garmz I have to wear if I’m ever going to look amazing in it. Ahem.

I won’t be sharing too many precise details in terms of pics and whatnot until after the wedding, there has to be some element of surprise on the day for the guests….and, errrr, the groom. But here’s what is sorted so far and what’s yet to be decided, as per the main questions that seem to fly about…

When is it?

October 18th 2014.

Where is it?

Having toyed with the idea of getting married in Mallorca or France – both places with strong family links – the practical solution prevailed and we’re getting married in a beeeeeeautiful old church in Surrey where I was baptised. None of my family live around there any more, but it’s a gorgeous church (over 1000 years old!) and the Reverend is brilliant. After a pretty traditional ‘high church’ ceremony we’ll be having the reception at an uber modern hotel in Hampshire, I’m quite excited about having that contrast in the day.


It’s impossible to say this without sounding like a princess douche, but I’m hoping to wear two dresses; one very traditional dress for the church all the way through to the first dance and then another more ‘party party’ dress for the rest of the night. If I do have a second dress it’s unlikely to be a wedding dress, I’m imagining a gown of some sort, but the ‘main dress’ is purchased 😀

I will write a whole post about my dress after the wedding as there’s no point going into toooooooo much detail without pics, but it’s perfect and it’s from Pronovias. It’s what I consider to be a proper traditional Spanish wedding dress, which is *exactly* what I wanted.

Like most brides-to-be, I really struggled to find any designs I liked. I was worried I would go to bridal shops and just be the world’s fussiest diva claiming to dislike every ‘beautiful’ gown on display. I would go through entire bridal mags and only like one or two designs, but the one thing the few rare dresses I liked always had in common? Spanish designers.

Growing up I always said I’d get my wedding dress from Rosa Clara in Girona. Since about the age of 14 I’ve said I’d get my dress at that specific boutique. Whilst the idea of flying out to Spain for regular dress trips sounded entirely wonderful, it wasn’t going to happen (grown up ‘going to be married’ me is learning to be sensible)  so I started looking closer to home. Annoyingly, there aren’t any Rosa Clara boutiques in the UK and I found very few (convenient) stockists, so I started investigating other Spanish designers that are stocked here. I liked a lot of the dresses by La Sposa, Paloma Blanca and Jesus Peiro, but my fave dresses were by Pronovias.

I’ll happily admit that Pronovias was the only shop that I visited and I ‘said yes to the dress’ on my first visit. I know all the wedding mags recommend trying more designers and more stores, but ‘when you know you know’ and all that. I probably tried on about 6 or 7 dresses, but I knew which one was ‘mine’ pretty immediately. I was only with my sister though and didn’t want to purchase there and then in case my mum never spoke to me again, so my best friend and momma came back with me two weeks later and we agreed it was ‘the one’ and it was ordered. It’s currently being made in Barcelona and I don’t see it again – or the world’s best veil which accompanies it – til September. Waaaaaaah! I can’t wait. Shout out to Bojana at the Bond Street store for making the whole experience so awesome and fun.


It’s not the most practical dress, the skirt is a littttttttle ridic, so that’s why a second dress may be necessary if I want to join in with any dancing/general participation. And I do. I SO do. Let’s see. I probably won’t look for a second dress til much nearer the wedding – August/September time.

What about shoes?

I’m going to be wearing flats as my fiancé doesn’t want to wear heels (it genuinely was suggested, not by me I should add) and they are beautiful and from French Sole.

Bridesmaid dresses?

All six bridesmaid dresses were purchased in January *organised face* and I’ll blog about them after the wedding. I love them though, I nearly bought one for myself then thought that was a bit peculiar.


Not sure yet, flowers make my head hurt.


After my completely awful attempts at illustration, I commissioned Claire Wood to create them. Claire is AMAZING and the invites were perfect, I couldn’t have been happier with them. Will blog about them after the wedding. I printed them at which I was worried about but it was completely fine. They were exactly how I imagined and I loved them.


All we know is that we don’t want a particularly traditional royal iced cake, so we’re looking at places like Bea’s of Bloomsbury and Cake Maison. Buttercream in my face, please.


This is what we’re most excited about (is that bad?) and it’s all booked, we’re off to Mauritius and Abu Dhabi. I may get to swim with dolphins in Dubai too if I behave, so presume that probably won’t happen.

Pic stolen from amazing light people Goodwin + Goodwin

And I guess that’s kinda it for now! I am probably missing something hugely important, like booking a photographer (I really need to sort that) or learning what dahlias are. But we’re excited. Very :)



  1. says

    Poppy, exciting times, you seem so organised, can’t believe how quickly you are turning around this wedding. Can’t wait to see your dress.

    On the note of photographers, my friend has been doing his homemade photobooth at friends and friends of friends weddings… He’s branching out to open bookings now, take a look at his website, – I think it’s a steal, the pictures are great! X

  2. Phee Young says

    Exciting times! Your so organised; very jealous as I’m in full panic mode about my wedding in 12 weeks.


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