The beautiful high street bra…that goes up to 40G.

Yesterday I went a bit bra crazy on Twitter…


Ya see, on Wednesday night I went to an event at Boux Avenue and – as part of said event – attendees were fitted for bras and able to choose something nifty from the store as an early Christmas present.

When I was invited, I said I’d love to come for all the dinner and gossip goodness but that I didn’t need to be found a bra as I’m well aware my stupid big boobs aren’t easy to cater for. I don’t go into ‘high street’ lingerie stores and expect to find G cup bras. Maybe I should be more demanding about bigger sizes being readily available, but stores will – of course – always cater to averages. That’s normal business sense.

Thing is, whilst a ‘G’ cup may sound absolutely massive, it’s actually not that unusual at all – definitely not these days. I know this from the fact that so many of you sympathise with the day to day dramaz of big boobs…and G cups simply can’t be that bizarre because children don’t point and stare at me like I’m from some freakshow documentary. Builders do, sometimes, but then I’ve also seen them nearly fall off their ladders with excitement when Sainsbury’s reduce the price of sandwiches at 4pm.

I was pleased to hear though that Boux do in fact cater for G cups – and so I went along to browse the store and this is how I ended up in the delightful situation I’m in now, the proud owner of the Sienna bra




I can’t stress enough how supportive yet comfy this bra is.

I love the sheer fabric, mainly because it looks so very sexy on but also because when removed it doesn’t look like a sail or the roof of a small cottage.

I love the frills, I love the straps, I love the fit and – most of all – I love the fact it’s £28.

I will definitely be going back to Boux now that they’re on my radar. I already had some PJs and robes from them, but in my ‘high street doesn’t cater for me’ narkiness I’d never even bothered to look at the bras. Oh boy, has that changed now.

The one I’ve fallen in love with is the Sienna, but you can see all their DD+ bras here.

I’ll be writing up the event itself over on my MSN column shortly…but I wanted to get this up quickly as I know I have plenty of big boobed readers who are sick to death of bras that are a) crazy expensive and/or b) look like they’re for nursing mothers.




  1. says

    Thank you so much for this post! I struggle to buy bras that fit properly and are comfortable at a bigger price (damn those big boobs)…but after reading this I headed over to Boux Avenue and tentatively purchased two bras. They arrived yesterday and fit perfectly!! It is a revelation. I went practical this time, so after pay day I will definitely be looking for something a bit frivolous and pretty….a spectrum of lingerie that I rarely manage to make a foray into!! Yey!! xx

    • Poppy Dinsey says

      SO SO SO pleased that your Boux trip was a success! I’m at Westfield later so may pop in myself. I was worried I was getting over excited based on one bra but have heard nothing but good things from other well endowed ladies. LUCKY US! x

  2. says

    Have you ventured into Bravissimo? Fab shops, staff and most gorgeous bras in D-L cup. Changed the perception of my body shape & my dress size considerably when I first found them, erm, 10 years ago!! Never looked back.

    • Poppy Dinsey says

      I have, I used to swear by them but – a little childishly – haven’t been for a while after my last Oxford Circus store experience was pretty bad. The store looked tatty and the staff were rude and I just decided I couldn’t be bothered with them any more. I should go back, they were the ones who enlightened me to all things proper bra fitting way back in the early noughties so it’s silly of me to now completely turn my back on them. I *do* struggle to find sexier bras in there, butmost of my day to day t-shirt bras etc are indeed still ones from Bravissimo x


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