Someone wants to marry me!

I’ve been meaning to ‘announce’ my engagement on the blog for ages – well, since the proposal on New Year’s Day anyway. I’m stunned that my boyfriend wants to become my husband, but thrilled about it nevertheless. He would hate for me to write a lovey-dovey blog post about our relationship, but needless to say I think he’s the best. I can’t wait to marry him.

10I knew our families and friends would be happy for us, but I didn’t expect to be so overwhelmed by other people’s excitement. We are, admittedly, one of the last couples to tie the knot in our gang of reprobates and it seems that everyone is desperate for a wedding to get excited about. And that wedding is going to be ours!

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We’re planning to get married in October and have found the church and venue and everything. I bought eleven bloody bridesmaid dresses this morning. I have six bridesmaids. I seem to think I ‘need’ two wedding dresses myself (sure) and I am already planning on designing my own shoes. Fiancée has warned me that I’m going a bit ‘Stevie Gerrard’ with my ideas but I only get to daydream about this fairytale nonsense once – and if I want a BRIDE tracksuit then I’m going to bloody well have one. (I’m worried that I will actually decide to have one).


It’s been pretty lovely watching the flat fill up with cards and helium balloons and flowers.





My personal favourite card has to be this hand drawn wedding monster creation by my fiancé’s 6 year old god son…


Maybe the wedding monster is me?!

It quickly became clear that getting engaged during ‘Dry January’ was a good reason to quit Dry January and I’m glad I didn’t ban myself from celebratory Champers as everyone wants to toast the engagement the whole bloody time. It’s a lovely problem to have. I don’t think I’ve ever heard my mum give so many speeches.


But fear not, you don’t have to do something crazy like ‘marry someone’ to enjoy free Champagne this month. (Why didn’t someone tell me sooner?! *Kidding*).

Waitrose are giving away bottles and bottles of the stuff as part of their ‘Thank You’ campaign. They want customers to celebrate and so are sending a *free* bottle of Champagne with every online grocery order until the end of January – so if you have been off the booze this month then what better way to celebrate February’s arrival than free Champagne?!

They kindly sent us a bottle AND a beautiful wedding photo frame and album in anticipation of the big day (in exchange for writing about the offer, natch) but I am saving the Champagne to give to my parents, to thank THEM for putting up with all my wedding chatter and taking time out this weekend to head daaaaahn saaaaf to see the church :) Oh and to generally thank them for having the foresight to baptise me there many moons ago – as it’s making my planning life a hell of a lot easier!


Here’s to bubbles!



  1. Fadil says

    Congrats Poppy! That’s so lovely, all the best to you and cannot wait for all the wedding-y updates and discoveries you share with us! :)


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