Our wedding cake…

I haven’t blogged about the wedding much yet, but anyone that follows me on that there Instagram or Twitter will have no doubt seen that some of the more ‘fun’ parts of wedmin are now underway.

When I last blogged about the big day, I mentioned that we didn’t have our wedding cake sorted but that we knew we wanted something yummy with buttercream on the outside rather than royal icing or dreaded marzigag.

Growing up I didn’t imagine an exhaustingly tall princess style cake. I imagined something more like this to be honest…

burrito_cakeBy Artisan Cake Company (*Amazing* skillz, not sure about the olives?!)

My fiancé isn’t quite as obsessed with burritos as I am though, he just likes them “a normal amount” (surely obsession IS a “normal amount” when it comes to burritos?!) so it wasn’t really going to be a go-er.

I had to move on.

When we first got engaged one of the first things I idly googled was Choccywoccydoodah’s wedding cakes.

I fell in love with this one…

photo (94)

This was the first cake I found myself furiously WhatsApping to friends and family which I took as a positive sign, but as cool as this cake is it really isn’t very ‘us’. I’m going to write a separate post about ‘wedding themes’, but I think it’s really important couples are true to themselves….and this cake is a lot cooler than we are.

I’d also heard pretty bad things (online at least) about the actual TASTE of Choccywoccydoodah cakes. And d’ya know what? I don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a cake that doesn’t taste phenomenal, no matter how great it looks.

So it was with good timing then that we received some “WOOOOOOHOOOOO! YOU’RE ENGAGED!!!!!” cupcakes from the lovely team at One New Change


These cupcakes were from Bea’s of Bloomsbury and they were a revelation. A true revelation. They were the nicest cupcakes I’d ever had…and if you work in fashion and go to blogger events you eat enough bloody cupcakes to become a pretty good judge of them.

They were vanilla sponge with strawberry buttercream. The buttercream tasted as if somebody had just squished up the world’s freshest juiciest strawberries into a delightfully indulgent vat of cream and then shoved it all in my mouth. I think there were 12 and I ate 9 of them. (Not all at once, but more than 2 a day).

That got me thinking straight away that I wanted Bea’s of Bloomsbury to make our wedding cake.

But I did have some other thoughts playing at the back of my mind. Aaaaaaaall the wedding mags seemed to be banging on about ‘naked cakes’ and I do really love the look of them…

4ea0cb8b982439d5b15c236ac57e20c6-1Naked cake by Petal-a-Pot

But again, they seemed to not quite fit our wedding. They’re kinda summery and rustic and that’s not what our wedding is going to be like. Ours couldn’t be more the opposite of rustic, to be honest! So again, this had to go in the “gorgeous but not right for us” pile. I might have to pressure my sister or future sister-in-law to have this one instead!

The only other cake style that was playing on my mind was having a profiterole mountain – or a croquembouche if we’re being proper about it…


I first saw one of these when I was about 7 years old and it blew my tiny mind. Profiteroles blew my mind at that age anyway (they still do a bit now, to be honest) but a TOWER OF THEM? Which you cut into with a SWORD?! Yeah, it was a memory that stayed with me forever.

They’re not the easiest things to get hold of though and I really didn’t fancy the idea of transporting one in the car if I couldn’t find one local to the venue, so I shelved that idea.

Bea’s of Bloomsbury was definitely winning out anyway, then they released a new wedding catalogue with a load of new designs and I was sold.

We made our appointment.

I didn’t know what to expect from our wedding cake tasting, but I suspected it would involve looking at the designs in the catalogue, answering any questions we had, going through the costs and tasting a slice or two.

I did not expect to get to Bea’s of Bloomsbury, be shown to a table to wait for the chef and be given a pot of tea and this plate of wonder…


If you’re not familiar with Bea’s of Bloomsbury, their cupcakes are huge. This is a massive plate of cakes. I should have thrown in a 50p for scale.

“Do we just eat them all?” asked S.

“No, we need to wait for the chef,” I said like some sort of hideous mother who won’t let anyone enjoy THE CAKE.

When the chef arrived (Abi was her name and she was lovely, by the way) she looked surprised that we hadn’t started scoffing. Maybe others aren’t so restrained. But with her confirmation that it was indeed true that we could eat ALL OF THEM and some guidance on which cake was what, we got to tasting.

Let’s just be clear for a sec, the wedding dress hoohah is like a boring dental appointment compared to the cake consultation. It was a great sugary afternoon.

We tried lots of different flavours, everything from Guinness to hummingbird to gluten free chocolate.

But then came the great news – we didn’t need to choose one flavour. Our three tier cake could have three different flavours.


So after much tasty deliberation we decided to go with this rather naughty concoction…

Bottom tier – four layers of chocolate sponge and four layers of Baileys buttercream. (I DIE).

Middle tier – four layers of vanilla sponge, two layers of fresh strawberries and two layers of strawberry cream. (In homage to our engagement cupcakes….and strawberry daiquiris)

Top tier – four layers of vanilla sponge, two layers of passionfruit curd and two layers of passionfruit buttercream. (In homage to the best cocktail of all time – The Pornstar Martini).

Brilliant, yes?!

This little plate sums up the core elements…


I’m not going to reveal the exact design of the cake, but it’s simple and lovely and just what we were after.

We left very happy. Although I’d had so much sugar that I had to go for a two hour walk to get it ‘out of my system’. I felt like I was on day 9 of some sort of mental Ibiza bender as my heart practically leapt out of my chest with sugar overload. I probably didn’t need to eat quite so much buttercream.

The cake has definitely been the easiest and most pleasurable thing to sort out during all the wedding planning, so we celebrated that fact the best way we know how….with Pornstars.


Three months to go!




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    I really really enjoyed reading this post! My mouth is watering after reading what your final wedding cake will be…baileys buttercream….OMG



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