A colourful week with the Pentax Q7….

As I’m sure you’ve seen on ‘the Twitter’ and ‘that Instagram’, I’ve been taking part in a blogger challenge from Ricoh Imaging which has involved playing with the rather lovely Pentax Q7 and snapping colourful piccies.

When I was approached about the campaign I have to admit I was a bit wary. I wanted a free camera, natch, but I’ve never been one of those bloggers who takes good pics. SO MANY bloggers are basically pro snappers these days, to the extent where there are plenty of blogs which are barely about the humble written word at all…it’s all photo porn. I’ve never taken good pics though. I can run an iPhone snap through Instagram and my hands don’t shake unless I’m particularly hungover, but I don’t know what aperture is or why I should care about lenses or flashes or focus focus camera case.

I didn’t even own a camera when I was approached about this. So I am definitely not a photographer.

I don’t like to get on PR blacklists by taking a sample then barely doing it justice, so I had to really think about it before saying I’d take part in the campaign. But I quickly realised that I’m not the only person – blogger or otherwise – who doesn’t really ‘get’ cameras but wants to take better pictures. It’s not like I’m the only girl in the world who has decided she’ll “make do” with her smartphone camera. I know there are plenty of others like me.

So I said yes.

And my verdict? I’m completely head over heels in love with the little Q7.


The first thing I loved about it, straight outta the box, was the fact it was diddy. It’s so diddy! I’m sure one of the reasons I’ve never been arsed about lugging around a camera is exactly that – the lugging around part. I’ve had the Q7 in my handbag every day this week and it’s been no bother at all.


It’s super easy to get started, I did make myself rather proud by reading the manual like a grown up but I could have figured the basics out very easily. It’s pretty idiot proof (hurrah for me!) and you can set what situation you’re shooting in superbly easily, so if like me you have no idea how you should change the settings to take a good pic in candlelight, you just tell the camera you’re shooting in candlelight and it will sort it all for you! There are all sorts of ‘scene situations’ to choose from – ‘moving pets’ and ‘dazzling snowy mountains’ are just two of the options. It’s definitely a camera that has your back.

It’s easy to review and delete your pics, but you can also edit them directly on the camera – applying filters, correcting red eye, cropping, resizing etc etc. You can choose to shoot with the filter on too if you prefer. The edited files don’t replace the originals, so all very ‘risk free’ when playing about.

I feel like I should really be telling you all the grand specs of the camera, but I’ll just be regurgitating stuff I don’t understand. You can find the full spec here though. I think their strapline that “the PENTAX Q7 offers casual, carefree digital-SLR-quality photography to everyone” is pretty bang on though. You don’t need to be a superstar whizzkid to get results from this camera. And the lenses are interchangeable!

Our task over the past week was to shoot various colours, none of these pics have been edited at all (other than on the camera itself) and were easily captured without too much thinking. (I can’t stress enough that this camera is foolproof – whilst still having the capacity to be more advanced if you want).

Here are a few of the colours I snapped…









pink1 pink2 pink




black1 black black2




I’m really excited to play with the camera more and get better with it, unlike other ‘fancy cameras’ I’ve borrowed there’s nothing too scarily off putting about this one, so for me it’s the perfect intro camera as I know I’ll be able to do very clever things with it the more I learn.

The Q7 comes in all sorts of snazzy colourways (seriously, they have yellow and pink ones!) and the RRP is from £369.99.

Or if you’d rather just WIN one, you can check out the Ricoh Imaging UK Facebook page to do just that :)

Be warned, now that I have a camera I may be joining YouTube – *gulp*

Thank you Ricoh Imaging for making me realise there’s a world of phtography outside of telephones



    • Poppy Dinsey says

      It’s really fab. I wanted a decent camera simply because I ‘wanted one’ but I hate getting things that are OTT and spendy when I know I don’t really need them…this is perfect – not hideously expensive, not more complicated than necessary AND portable so I will actually use the damn thing! I really recommend, espesh with the colour options – you can go for all sorts of crazy colour combos!



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