Vlog 8: A trip to the Royal Opera House, the RAC and an F&F shoot…

I was actually a bit embarrassed watching this week’s vlog back as I accidentally had the most fancy weekend ever. Royal Opera House on Friday, RAC on Saturday, Sketch on Sunday? Absolutely ridiculous levels of plushness.

84Casual dining room

As well as the aforementioned, this week’s vlog includes a tour of the Made.com apartment I blogged about earlier this week, a sneak peak at my VERY EXCITING FILM SHOOT WITH F&F and I’m sure there are other cool things in this vlog but I am typing this with a headache and I can’t remember them offhand. Watch it and find out? OH YEAH, there’s cool porridge. Look out for the cool porridge.

Places/people/things mentioned in the video…

Honestly Healthy: http://www.honestlyhealthyfood.com/
Dream Dairy Free Milks: http://mydairyfreedream.com/
Cafe Royal: http://www.hotelcaferoyal.com/
Rebelle: https://www.rebelle.com/en
Royal Opera House: http://www.roh.org.uk/
RAC Club: https://www.royalautomobileclub.co.uk/
Made.com: http://made.com
Sketch: https://sketch.london/
Naked & Afraid: http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/naked-and-afraid/
F&F: http://www.clothingattesco.com/

Video: November Food Favourites

My first EVER “favourites” video…woop woop! I’ve decided I’m going to join the monthly faves bandwagon but I’m not just going to do beauty ones, I’ll be doing a foodie one each month as well. And that’s what we’re starting with today! FOOD!


Brands/products mentioned in this month’s vid…

Shana Wholemeal Chapatti: http://www.shana.tv/products.html
Mestemacher Sunflower Seed Rye Bread: http://www.mestemacher-gmbh.com/product-line/organic-breads/natural-sunflower-seed-bread
Haribo: https://www.haribo.com/enGB/home.html
Lovechock: http://www.lovechock.com/en/
Willie’s Cacao: http://www.williescacao.com/
Great British Sauce Co: http://www.gbsauce.com/
Heinz Habanero Sauce: http://www.heinz.co.uk/en/Products/Chilli-Sauces/Products/Yellow-Peppery-Habanero
Newby Jasmine Tea: http://www.newbyteas.co.uk/jasmine-princess
Nutribix Gold and Grains: http://www.nutribix.co.uk/products/

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Our night away as mattress testers… (ooooh errr!)

Now it’s no big secret that bloggers get asked to review things (you may have heard of “beauty blogs”, they are apparently quite popular) and I certainly get my fair share of review requests, but I can safely say that I’ve never been asked to review a mattress before. Yep, that’s right, A MATTRESS.

Well, that was until a few weeks ago anyway, when Made.com emailed me asking if I would like to do just that. It wasn’t a sponsored type thing, just the simple offer of a bed for the night in exchange for an honest opinion. And as beds aren’t exactly easy things to lend people, we’d get to stay in a special apartment that they’d rent for us in Maida Vale where the bed would be patiently waiting.


It was, to me, an extremely exciting proposition. Firstly, I’d get to live in a different part of London for a night (I’ve always wanted to be a trendy Maida Vale type, even if just for 24 hours) and secondly it was an opportunity to actually get a “feel” for the quality of Made.com’s furniture. I wasn’t even thinking about blog content tbh, I was just seeing this as my perfect moment to test drive a Made.com sofa without having to pay for one first.


So yesterday ST and I headed over to the Made.com apartment for a great big sleep….


It is literally the dream Sunday brief, isn’t it? “Please stay in bed reading magazines and watching DVDs and napping and starfishing and sleeping”. We prepared the only way we know how (i.e packed crisps, Prosecco and the Prime Suspect box set) and after a quick bit of vlogging on arrival, we got into our pyjamas to have the laziest afternoon/evening possible.


When this week’s vlog goes up on Thursday you’ll see the lovely apartment first hand, but for now I’ll just say we were seriously impressed. I didn’t actually realise Made.com made so much (excuse the pun) but the towels, the clocks, the lamps, the snazzy robot bin…it was all by them. Everything was stylish which we expected (surely if there’s one thing Made.com is known for it’s perfectly pinnable style) but the quality took us by surprise, everything was LOVELY.


The new mattress which we were there to road test (sleep test) is called ‘One‘ and the idea is that after heaps and heaps of testing the experts at Made.com have come up with a unique mattress design which they believe is “the one” for the vast majority of sleepers.

The mattress was medium to firm, which is what both of us would “look for in a mattress”, and it reminded me of memory foam but without the pitfalls that some memory foam has – it didn’t feel like it would get all hot in the summer or that you were going to sink into it and then get stuck in that position all night. It’s hard to describe how something can feel firm and soft all at once, but that’s exactly how this mattress felt.


ST fell asleep immediately when we went to bed after dinner, which is probably the biggest compliment you can give a mattress. And whilst the bed was smaller than our bed at home, it was very noticeable to me how supportive the mattress must be as I wasn’t aware of any wriggling or jiggling. I’ve written before about how I think there are few things worse than being kept awake by a partner (there is no shame in separate beds if you’re not sleeping well!) but I felt like I was in this bed completely on my own. On a lot of mattresses, especially old ones, you can feel like you’re both slowly rolling into a sinking middle or at the very least you’re ‘aware’ of every toss and turn your bedfellow makes. This mattress had none of that, which was slightly blissful.

I’m not going to just re-hash their website which explains why it’s so comfy, but you can read about the science behind it here. It all sounds very impressive but I can only go by how it *actually felt*, and that was rather nice indeed.


The best thing I’ve read about it though is the simple fact that you can return it if you don’t like it. We’re not “in the market” for a new mattress at the moment (I actually feel a bit mean to my own mattress writing all this, so let it be said that my own bed is still my fave) but we are looking to buy new sofas as I mentioned earlier and the idea of knowing I could get a hassle free refund is EXACTLY what would tempt me to buy. Made.com offer a “101 night rest test” on this mattress, so you could sleep on it for weeks and weeks  and weeks and still get a full refund (and collection!!!) if you change your mind. That’s pretty damn impressive.

Prices range from £349 for a single to £699 for a superking and I hadn’t realised this before but there are a few showrooms if you want to feel/bounce/squish one. There’s one in Soho as well as one in West Yorkshire and Liverpool. Good news if you’re like me and appreciate the discounts of online-only retailers but still like to feel things “in real life” before big purchases!

Thank you for letting us sleep with you Made.com, we had a really lovely time and have started our week well rested :)


As stated above this is not a sponsored post, but we were put up for the night to enable me to be able to write this review. You can find out more about the One mattress here: http://www.made.com/one/

VIDEO: The ridiculous things people Google before landing on my blog…

I haven’t vlogged this past week for a number of reasons, but as it’s Thursday I still wanted to upload a video to my channel anyway.

I was arsing about on Google Analytics this morning (#bloggerlife) and thought HANG ON, I’ll make a video about the craaaaaaazy things people type into Google before landing here on PoppyD.com. So that’s what I did. That is the video I have made and uploaded today.

Prepare to realise how weird people are….

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How I made my framed Instagram poster prints….

Since I mentioned the Instagram-esque poster prints I made for our anniversary in this vlog (they’re at about 4:18 if you want to skip straight to ’em) a few people have asked me how I made them. So guess what this blog post is about? HOW I MADE THEM.


There are loads of services for printing Instagram pics and I can see why: they’re beautiful pics (cheers, filters!) but they can all too easily stay buried away inside our phones where they’re forgotten. I remember when going to the big Boots on Guildford high street to print all your digital photos was an exciting Saturday afternoon activity, now I just have folders and folders and folders (and folders and folders) of pics on my laptop and external hard drives (and phone and tablets) which I never look at. Printing photos is BRILLIANT and we must do it more. We must.

I’ve used a few different Instagram printing services in my time for one-off things, but I really researched it this time around. I wanted to make four framed poster prints and it could have easily become ludicrously expensive. (Not that I was being tight with your anniversary present, darling husband, *ahem*).

In the end I found Photobox to be the cheapest as they were having a “special sale” (are they ever not having a special sale?!) and each print was only £6ish. Even at full price they’d have only been £9. The best part though was that it wasn’t actually an Instagram based service at all, which was perfect as a lot of the photos I wanted to print weren’t from Instagram. I had wedding pics, personal family pics, holiday pics and all sorts of lovey dovey ones that I wanted in the posters without having to put them on Instagram first. In the past, I’ve created a ‘secret’ Instagram account purely to connect to printing services but it’s a MASSIVE faff to do it that way and I now know that this way is 100 times easier.

I used the Collage Poster Print 16″ x 12″ option with the 35 square layout (it’s in the ‘Modern’ category when you’re browsing layouts) and I changed the orientation to portrait, then it was just a matter of pulling in the pics I wanted to use. It was so much easier than other services I’ve used before and I was able to pull in pics that weren’t squares and then fiddle with them to ensure the square was cropping the right part of the image.

They came super quickly with a higher print quality than I expected (I expected them to look like a dog’s dinner tbh) and then it was just a matter of framing them. I wanted them to vaguely match previous Instagram posters I already had so knew I wanted a nice mount and a white modern frame, so I was THRILLED BEYOND WORDS when I stumbled across the perfect one in Wilko (aka the shop of dreams) for only £7. I bought the two they had in store then ordered two more. PERFECT.


Sure, they’re not the world’s highest quality frames and the prints were ever so slightly too big for the mount which meant a couple of millimetres were lost at the edges, but I’m not complaining at £13 per framed poster. We’re literally talking about two millimetres or so being obscured by the mount.

In the past I have waited til I had the prints and then had custom frames/mounts made so they’re *perfect*, but it’s so much more expensive that way. This is a good compromise and I really don’t think most people would notice.

At £13 per framed poster (or £16 if by some miracle Photobox aren’t having a sale that day) I think they make a great gift, even if I do say so myself.

You can find the printing info here and the frames here.